HASAA will be having an election November 21-28, 2020 to elect new members to our Board of Directors – or confirm current members. Nominations are open until November 6th, but please note that all nominated persons must be members in good standing for 30 days prior to being elected – so must have a membership by October 29th to qualify.

Our Board includes the following roles: please look them over and see if you could serve HASAA in any of these capacities.

President: The President is expected to foster a spirit of communal decision making, and energetically pursue the priorities and goals decided upon by the group. The President chairs BOD meetings, including preparing the agenda and supplying it to the Secretary in a timely manner for distribution before each meeting. The President must be familiar with Martha’s Rules and ensure that they are implemented at all meetings. The President must be familiar with the bylaws and ensure that they are adhered to at all times and in all cases.

Vice President: The Vice President is expected to fulfill the roles of the President, when the President is not available to do so. This role is often undertaken by a Director who has a more day-to-day role in addition to this one.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is expected to keep and maintain the Paypal account, bank accounts and financial records of the association. The Treasurer is also expected to complete an internal audit and file the Annual Return each year in a timely manner. The Treasurer works closely with the Membership Director to ensure that Membership records, particularly regarding good standing, are kept accurate and up-to-date.

Secretary: The Secretary is expected to keep minutes of all meetings and AGMs, and is responsible for distribution of the agenda at least 24 hours before BOD meetings. The Secretary is legally required to keep the minute book of the Association, which is simply a copy of all minutes and agendas.

Communications Director: This role is primarily one of social media control. The Communications Director is expected to administrate the Facebook pages and group, Twitter account, and any other social media presence deemed desirable or useful to the membership. The Communications Director is expected to consult with the Web and Technical Services Director regarding any changes to be made to the website or other form of online presence HASAA may choose to have. Like all Board members, this Director is expected to recruit members to assist with these duties as and when required.

Web and Technical Services Director: This role is primarily one of maintaining the website, email, and other essential association services which have a technical aspect (e.g. surveys and elections). Some tutoring of less-technically-savvy directors may also be required to keep things running smoothly.

Membership Director: This role is primarily one of maintaining the membership list and acting as the main point of contact between the membership and the Board. Most communications from the board are sent out by the Membership Director, in order to keep the membership list as private as possible. Because of this, the Membership Director also tends to be the first to hear about member concerns, and is expected to share them with the board as they arise.

Fundraising Director: As the name implies, this role is primarily one of organizing and implementing fundraising initiatives for the association, particularly when needed to fulfil a need or provide a service to the membership.

Director at Large: There may be up to 5 Directors at Large (since the Association is limited to no more than 12 members of the Board of Directors, there may be only 4 Directors at large when the Vice Presidency is held by a board member with no other role). At present, there are zero. A Director at Large has no specific portfolio but is likely to be recruited to help with any initiatives or unusual activity of the association. This is (or can be) a fun position, as it has no set expectations and thus tends to be what one makes of it.