Private schools, and associate boards (in alphabetical order) that register and supervise Alberta Home Education programs, regardless of location.

  • Alberta Distance Learning Centre
    Only registers online and correspondence courses, not home education programs. (Alberta Government)
  • Argyll Centre
    Edmonton Public School Board (Public Board)
  • Chinook Learning Services
    Only registers online and face-to-face courses, not home education programs. Calgary Board of Education (Public Board)
  • School of Hope – Vermillion
    East Central Alberta Catholic Separate School Board (Separate Board)
  • The Home Education Exchange T.H.E.E. (ICHES)
    Morinville Christian School, (Private School)
* ICHES – Independent Contracted Home Education Specialists. These are not “boards,” but education service providers to the school. The umbrella school is your “authority,” and houses a Parent Advisory Council.