Homelearning Advocacy and Support Association of Alberta (HASAA) is a democratically-run, inclusive home learner advocacy group representing home education families of Alberta. 

We advocate for individualized education that meets the child’s needs and interests. We advocate for the child/youth’s rights to learn in any way that best meets their needs, as well as the caregivers’ rights to choose their means of education. 

We embrace the diversity of home education families, and support people of: 

– All family shapes
– All program choice
– All abilities
– All socio-economic statuses
– All religions and non-religions
– All ethnicities and cultures 
– All ages
– All sexual orientations and genders
– We strive to be 100% inclusive

HASAA is dedicated to our members and is working with the Alberta Government to ensure that changes to home education laws and policies reflect our members’ needs. We strive to provide insight to stakeholders as to the realities of home education in its infinite forms.

Join us…

We welcome you to join HASAA to lend your voice for home education in Alberta.